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3. The Emblems of George Wither and Gabriel Rollenhagen.
A Collection of Emblemes

Special Edition by Peter M. Daly and Alan R. Young

A COLLECTION OF EMBLEMES, by George Wither, is probably the most beautiful emblem book published in England. But until now neither the facsimile editions nor those on microfiche have made it easily accessible to the modern reader. We believe that this edition, augmented with indices, notes and an analysis of the emblems in Spanish and English, manages to do so.

Wither used the plates of the two hundred engravings of Gabriel Rollenhagen, gathered from his two works, Nucleus emblematum selectissimorum (Arnheim, 1611) and Emblematum centuria secunda (Arnheim, 1613). They are circular picturae that present a symbol or group of symbols in the foreground, while other details and scenes in miniature, known as fatti, emerge from the background. Surrounding the engravings is an inscriptio normally in Latin, but sometimes in Greek, French or Italian, and the emblem is made complete with very brief texts. In reutilizing these plates, Wither enriched them literarily by adding to them an English couplet as the inscriptio and extensive poems, as well as a curious game of roulette at the end.

Alan R. Young, professor emeritus of English at Acadia University, and Peter M. Daly, professor emeritus of German at McGill University, have collaborated with Studiolum on this edition, which describes each emblem, identifies the primary and secondary symbolic motifs, and includes a study on Wither the man and his work. They have also included for this edition the most complete bibliographical analysis published to date.


Titles included:

• Wither, George, A Collection of Emblemes (London 1635)
• Rollenhagen, Gabriel, Nucleus emblematum selectissimorum (Arnheim 1611) and Emblematum centuria secunda (Utrecht 1613), with French translation
• Daly, Peter M. - Young, Alan R., George Wither (Studiolum 2002)


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